Business Spotlight: Sport Chek South Edmonton Common

I love being pleasantly surprised by anything, which is why I love playing with food when it actually ends up tasting good.  If it doesn’t, I don’t post it – don’t worry.  You don’t want to know how much olive oil I’ve wasted trying to make different kinds of aïoli.  I regress.

FullSizeRender (2).jpgSport Chek pleasantly surprised me with their community involvement and their Canadianness.  I double checked, that’s actually a word.  That means Edmontonianness is officially a word.  The first Sport Chek opened in Londonderry Mall in ’99, originally named Sport Supercentre.  They were purchased by Canadian Tire in 2011.  Canadian Tire is responsible for way more than I ever expected, but anyway that’s why the Sport Chek stores now support the Jumpstart® National Charity.

Okay Kayla, you’re a food blogger why tf are you talking about Sport Chek.

Well, Sir, I will have you know that Sport Chek graciously invited me to their grand opening in the new South Edmonton Common after coming across my page.  Super cool, digital location, has way too many TV’s and touch screens and holograms.  I was able to diagnose myself with ADHD after being there for only 10 minutes.  Parents in the community can send photos of their kids athletic achievements and have them come up at
the checkout so that they feel like little celebrities.  You can tell it’s a family oriented location based on the tiny fingerprints on the bottom of every screen.

FullSizeRender (1).jpgThe coooooolest thing, was the New Balance Stride I.D.  If you’ve been in the West Edmonton Mall location, you’ve seen the treadmill in the middle of the entrance.  Well, it’s that except in a more private space so you’re not afraid to ask what it’s about.  They take a 3D photo of your foot and examine your walking/running pattern to get you the perfect shoe in the perfect size.  They hooked me up with a pair of the Vazee Pace V2 (pictured below).  Also gave me a gift card which I put towards some direly needed new yoga gear.

FullSizeRender.jpgFinally, the point of this blurb.  I always stress, health is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  If you’re not already eating healthy, you need to leave this article right now and start collecting recipes and skills in the kitchen.  Personally, I was weight training for the last 2 years of my life, all about the heavy squats and a totally ripped body.  Three months ago I had sudden back pain and my doctor told me to stop lifting until I got an MRI, which isn’t scheduled until another 3 months from now… No way in hell am I staying away from the gym for 6 months, Docco.  So I gave yoga a try and now I’m there 3-4 times a week, constantly making my back feel better and stronger.  It felt so good to reward my new passion with some new swag.  Whatever physical activity you jump into, jump in with both feet.  If I’m to recommend anywhere to get what you need, I’m gonna have to go with Sport Chek.  Yeah, I’m biased but MEC didn’t invite me to anything cool lately.

Thanks for being you, SC.


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