Never Feel Restricted

<rant>If you’ve ever had the decency of clicking on my webpage, you’ll see that the title/my mantra is “Never Feel Restricted”  The meaning behind it is quite simple; if you have some kind of dietary restrictions whether it be implemented by your doctor or just for fun, don’t look at it from this point of view: “I can’t eat this this this, that, and definitely not this, my life sucks.”  Look at everything else there is to offer and roll with it.

Once you start looking at it from this perspective you can apply it to every aspect of your life.  Never settle for anything less than exactly what you want.

Do you hate your job?  Good.  Put every ounce of effort you have into doing what it takes to get the dream job and don’t lose sight of it.  If you hate your living situation, for example; shitty roommates, stuck at your parents house… Newsflash.  You’re not stuck.  Go on Kijiji or Craigslist and find a new place.  If you can’t afford it, go get a second job.

This especially applies to relationships.  If you’re in a bad relationship, whether it be abusive or as simple as “he didn’t do anything wrong, he’s just holding me back.”   Then leave.  This doesn’t just apply to my girls, this is for guys too.  If she’s gonna play the game and reply to your texts once every 6 hours, what the actual hell are you thinking?  You deserve so much better.  No matter how lonely it gets in the age of modern dating, when your ex messages you after 3 months of ignoring you, absolutely do not give them what they do not deserve.

I literally do not understand what the fuck you are waiting for.

If you want to get fit and haven’t found time, that’s bullshit.  I’ve had 3 jobs for the greater part of my life and have always had time for being active, making food and having a balanced social life.  I’m not privileged or special.

If you love makeup and have always wanted to start a Youtube channel, I literally do not understand what the fuck you are waiting for.  Monetize that shit.

If we lived in a world where we stopped marinating in our own bullshit for even 6 months, imagine where you would be.</rant>

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