Kayla Roy, creator of For the Love of Mangoes, is a holistic nutritionist based in Northern British Columbia. With evidence-based teachings rooted in modern science and ancient wisdom, the holistic approach to nutrition recognizes the inextricable connection between the mind and body. Every person is biochemically unique and should be critically analyzed to fully comprehend the complex nature of individual requirements. Holistic nutrition is a practice of preventative measures and recognizes that the absence of illness does not represent optimal health. As a complementary medicine, holistic nutrition never replaces the recommendations of a medical doctor but works symbiotically with them to help people feel their best, which is the goal of every one-on-one session.

Kayla is passionate about endocrine health, everything from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to adrenal fatigue and stress, as well as female hormones and reproductive cycles, optimal digestion, and herbalism. Her personal experience after receiving an autoimmune diagnosis combined with adrenal exhaustion from high-stress jobs was what led to her interest in holistic healing. Kayla obtained her diploma in holistic nutrition from the Edison Institute of Nutrition. She is an advocate for sustainable living and healing by connecting with nature and plants. She indulges in making a wide variety of fermented foods and drinks. She believes in the power of being present through various modalities, including her abstinence from alcohol since March of 2019.

Kayla is offering one-on-one sessions while working on building comprehensive and intensive programs for women’s health, adrenal health, and thyroid health as well as other interesting projects and courses! Check back often and subscribe to the newsletter to follow along as the practice evolves.