hi my name’s kayla.  i live in prince george, british columbia and i eat like the king of the world.

i’m currently studying holistic nutrition and working a day job just like anyone else. i’m a sales representative and high key love the shit out of it.  i spend weekends with my close knit group of friends enjoying drinks, camping, listening to music or going to shows, snowboarding, hiking, doing yoga and definitely cooking and talking about cooking and thinking about cooking.

this used to be a paleo blog called for ‘the love of paleo’. i followed a paleo lifestyle for years, but in my studies i have learned that proper meal combining is key and it isn’t necessary to be so restrictive. all recipes are whole foods based with a hint of delicious due to my obsession with restaurants and constantly trying to make healthy food at home taste as good as the buttery, fatty, salty goodness served in commercial kitchens. all of my recipes are tried and true, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or recommendation.

xo – k