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  • What Does Kombucha do for Your Health? Thumbnail

    I get asked this a lot because I’m often sippin’ on booch. It’s a fermented tea with probiotic benefits. It’s made with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture/Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) that proliferate by eating raw cane sugar. Not all SCOBY’s contain the same strains of bacteria. Generally, you would see Acetobacter, Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Zygosaccharomyces, ...

    Clean and Sustainable Camping Thumbnail

    8 Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While You’re in the Wild Whelp guys, today is my birthday so I wanted to talk about something I’ve grown increasingly passionate about to celebrate. This past weekend, I went camping out at Francois Lake in British Columbia with a group of people I didn’t really know. What ...

    Soberchella Thumbnail

    If you follow my Instagram, it’s not news that I’ve quit drinking. It’s been 4 weeks now so I’m reviewing the experience thus far. I’ve stopped drinking as a part of a “cleanse” several times now but in a temporary situation you have an internal countdown like “okay only 17 more days until I can ...

    Instagram Cleanse Thumbnail

    Well, I deleted the app. Not my account. It’s not permanent or anything, but here’s what happened: I deleted Facebook a couple of years ago for a while because of the negativity and I really enjoyed my friends and family being forced to call me on my birthday. I enjoyed that I didn’t have to ...

    Bucket List Thumbnail

    I just don’t care about myself. (self.getdisciplined) submitted 3 years ago * by maxstolfe Ouch. Sounds like you’re having a tough time max. That sucks. I’ve been there, so I kinda know what you’re talking about. I’ve been in the ever circling vortex of self doubt, frustration, and loathing. It’s no bueno. I know. If you ...

    Let’s Talk About Coffee Thumbnail

    Since originally writing this, I have become aware of the effects of coffee consumption. Our society is known for not being able to function without our hot bean water by the rest of the world. My understanding now is that you should not need coffee to “wake up” in the morning. You should be waking ...

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    Slow Cooker Beef Broth Thumbnail

    To beef or not to beef, that is the question. Regardless of beef or chicken, grass-fed is an anti-inflammatory and grain-fed is inflammatory. Chicken bones are smaller and weaker thus containing fewer minerals and marrow.  If your stomach can handle it, beef broth will have more advantages for you. I’ve read many sources for cooking ...

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    Food in the NuD Thumbnail

    Food in the NuD is a startup company in the Edmonton area that focuses on healthy treat alternatives using real wholesome ingredients with no refined sugars, flours or oils. Even the chocolate is made with coconut palm sugar. When I first heard about it, I printed off copies of the menu and forcefully put them ...

    About Kayla

    Kayla Roy, creator of For the Love of Mangoes, is a holistic nutritionist based in Northern British Columbia. With evidence-based teachings rooted in modern science and ancient wisdom, the holistic approach to nutrition recognizes the inextricable connection between the mind and body.