5 Ways Binaural Beats Can Improve your Life


I started listening to binaural beats about 2 years ago. I didn’t have any expectations, I just randomly (intuitively) clicked on it looking for something to help me concentrate. I’ve always been one of those people that has a hard time reading/studying because my mind wanders off and then 10 minutes later, I realize I don’t remember a single thing I was reading. I would often find myself reading the same paragraph more than 5 times because I could not focus on what was in front of me. It’s something that has stopped me from reading books I really wanted to read and was especially frustrating when you study for 4 hours and get nothing done.


I looked on Youtube to see if there was some special playlist that helped with concentration and binaural beats came up. As soon as it started playing, I sat down and read for 4 hours straight and finished half the book and actually retained the information. After the song finished, I started it again and it helped me get more creative in the kitchen while I was making a dinner. I then played it until I fell asleep in a noisy high rise apartment downtown Edmonton. Not to ruin the ending, but it also helps you sleep well.

If you are one of those people that “can’t meditate because you can’t shut your brain off”… you need binaural beats.


We are made of energy, not matter.

Binaural beats are an art, so any description I have is going to be a less poetic version of what it truly is. I think the people who make it are gifted. To summarize, it’s the sound of 2 different tones in each ear. Each tone is heard by either the right ear or the left and then creates an auditory illusion and the brain only registers it as if it were one. Each tone holds a frequency. Different frequencies affect different parts of your brain.

According to Psychology Today, the science behind it is, as an example, if the left ear receives 300hz frequency and the right ear receives a 280hz frequency, your brain absorbs a 10hz frequency which is low. The low and slow frequency is inaudible but affects the brain by slowing it down. This effect on the brain affects the entire nervous system. There are different kinds of brainwaves: Delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. Each one has a purpose. Here is how you can use them to your advantage.

Sleep, Relaxation and Meditation (DELTA)

The deepest frequency. The delta brainwave frequency helps with sleep and relaxation so this is also one that I would use to facilitate a wandering mind during meditation. Try it for yoga too!

Here are a couple that I found online:

GreenRed Productions (2 Hours)

Meditation Relax Music (8 Hours)

Deep Meditation, Anxiety, Creativity and Intuition (THETA)

This helps with invasive, anxiety-inducing thoughts that enter the mind. This could help with self-compassion, and compassion with others.

Here are some from online:

Power Thoughts Meditation Club (2 and a half hours)

Meditation Relax Music (8 Hours)

Studying, Concentration and Creativity (ALPHA)

The alpha waves were the first ones I listened to which helped me so much. Alpha is known to be a little more rhythmic so this one gets you “in the zone”.

I love love love working in the zone whether I’m in the kitchen or reading because this is where I lose my sense of time and place and just become a channel. Not to pick favourites, but alpha is probably my favourite.

If I have a personally assigned FBI agent, he will wonder why I have listened to these over a hundred times:

Yellow Brick Cinema (3 Hours)

GreenRed Productions (1.5 Hours)

Problem Solving, Alertness, Wakefulness (BETA)

This one is pretty high end and can cause anxiety in some people. I think for someone with a Kapha dosha who is having a hard time finding motivation, the beta brainwave would be an interesting one to work with.

These were a little bit harder to find. I’m guessing it takes a special circumstance to need this one. Here are some:

FulLengthBinaurals (1 Hour)

HQ BinauralBeat (1.5 Hours)

Bonus Extra Alertness, The Genius Frequency (GAMMA)

This seems to be used interchangeably with Beta but Gamma would by the highest frequency and would be used for the same reasons as beta. I’m also assuming that those kinds of people that are really good at math would benefit from this. This isn’t for me in any way whatsoever but this would give you a nice boost first thing in the morning. Rise and mothafuckin shine, gamma.

Good Vibes Binaural Beats (clocking in with 9.5M views, turns out a lot of people like it!)

GreenRed Productions (3 Hours)


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