For the Love Of Mangoes

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    Paleo Banana Bread Thumbnail

    I’m always so scared to delve into the world of paleo baking but every time I do, it’s so rewarding. I’ve made this a few times in different ways and just realized I’ve never posted any kind of banana bread, like some big dumb dumb. I have nothing wrong with grains, but they're not always ...

    Paleo Carrot Loaf Thumbnail

    Fourth time’s a charm. I’ve been figuring this out for about a month now. I love carrot juice and didn’t know what to do with all of the juicer pulp so I had no choice but to learn how to bake. I also needed an afternoon snack that wasn’t boiled eggs. Cooking has always been ...

    Paleo Breakfast Skillet Thumbnail

    Apparently my new thing is putting things inside of red cabbage. This is what happens every time I find out a certain food has an extreme amount of any kind of vitamin.  One small serving is 95% of your vitamin C for the day.  That’s a really easy amount of food to eat for that ...

    Let’s Talk About Coffee Thumbnail

    Since originally writing this, I have become aware of the effects of coffee consumption. Our society is known for not being able to function without our hot bean water by the rest of the world. My understanding now is that you should not need coffee to “wake up” in the morning. You should be waking ...

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