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I would love to start a trend where we stop calling vegan bowls “Buddha Bowls” because I’m pretty sure if you asked a Buddhist what a buddha bowl is, they would give you a non-confrontational confused look. Here is one version of a balanced bowl you can start with if you’ve never made one. The [...]

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Paleo Chicken Shawarma Thumbnail

I probably eat chicken shawarma 5-6 times a year and suddenly the world is ending because I can’t eat it for 30 whole days. But then, I got the idea to make it whole30 compliant. Also, I spent an entire morning studying Lebanese cooking to make sure I actually respected the process. Not entirely my [...]

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Chicken + Avocado Pesto Thumbnail

I seriously told myself I would just enjoy a night off, no blogging. Nope. One of my favourite things about blogging is that all the grocery store staff know me. The one guy always laughs because I don’t use a basket, I just stack things up on my arms.  I feel like they know the [...]

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Spicy Salmon Cucumber Roll Thumbnail

It’s the one thing we’re allergic to, that’s always the most appealing. I’m so allergic to pineapples but because of that, it’s one of the very few items in the produce section I’ve never explored culinarily.  Every few years, I’ll order it in a smoothie or try it in a fruit salad just to find [...]

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Chicken Skewers Thumbnail

I need minimum one extra hand to do this food photo shit.  I had to hold the tongs far away from me to make it look like someone else was grabbing the skewer while holding this massive Canon Rebel with my right hand crouched over the barbie.  Soooo many bad things could have happened, but [...]

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Chicken + Zucchini Thumbnail

What It Is: Zucchini, thinly sliced using a mandolin and cut into circles using a food mould. I spread some truffle oil and sea salt over it and roasted it uncovered for 10 minutes. Spiralized carrots with garlic powder and salt.  Blanched for 30 seconds to make it soft. Free-range chicken thighs, roasted with cumin, [...]

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