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If your story is anything like mine, you reached a point in your life where you realized: “What I have been doing is no longer working.” Holistic Nutrition is multifaceted in its approaches to healing. We look at the mind, lifestyle, diet, chemical exposures, emotions, traumas, and spiritual health of every individual. And then we dig deeper to find the root cause and bring the self back to optimum health.

The human body is complex and biochemically unique from one person to the next, and it cannot be truly nor completely healed with a diet trend or celery juice, nor will one single supplement fix everything. Building a relationship with a holistic practitioner that you can trust is the first step. In the words of Desmond Tutu, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

One on One Support

  • Discovery Call (15 Minutes) This is a brief meeting to discuss your health goals, and provide you with intake forms and other documents. We may also look into symptomatology at this point.
  • Nutritional Assessment (1 Hour) This is where we dig deep and look for possible root causes and start making connections and learning about the benefits of changes that can be made.
  • Customized Diet, Supplement, and Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Meal plan options available
  • Ongoing Support available
  • Upfront investment: $120


Untangle your Hormones

Honour your monthly cycle instead of working against it. A 6 week guided program for balancing your hormones.
For Whom is this Program Best Suited
The program is inclusive and designed for everyone with a period.
  • Do you set high expectations for yourself and become overwhelmed often? This is for you.
  • For people struggling with PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, PMS, or other hormonal disorders.
  • For people with hormonal acne or other symptoms of imbalanced hormones such as heavy bleeding, irregular periods, scanty periods, amenorrhea/dysmenorrhea, mood swings, and cravings.
  • People struggling with a difficult transition into menopause.
  • People looking for support in getting off birth control.
  • People who have already seen a medical doctor and have had no relief.
Included in the Program
  • 6 one-hour-long one-on-one sessions. Each one-on-one session is designed to help you learn all things sex hormones that we were never told in sex ed and fills your toolbelt with practical tools and exercises to take control of your cycles. Each session is open dialogue so the program remains specific to you and you can ask all of your burning questions.
  • You will receive a PDF download of the content covered after each session as well as whole foods recipes to keep your body fueled and herb recommendations for specific symptoms.
  • If supplementation is required, you will receive a custom supplement regimen.
  • You will have access to my online supplement ordering platform to make accessing supplements so easy.
When I started to learn about hormone health, I was brought to tears, I felt betrayed by the medical system up until that point. With me as your nutritionist, we will start to peel back the layers and unlearn and relearn what your body is capable of.
Topics We Cover
  • Symptomatology
  • Eating disorders and diet culture
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Head to toe nutritional support
  • The 4 phases of a menstrual cycle and how to work with them instead of against them
  • What your period is trying to tell you
  • Seed Cycling
  • A wide variety of detoxification methods
  • We also touch on the specifics of menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, birth control, hormone replacement therapy, HPV, Natural contraception and so much more.

Webinars (Coming Soon)

E-Book (Coming Soon)

Can I book a session if I am vegan?

One hundred percent, yes. When you think of a nutritionist you might think it is a person that makes meal plans, but it goes far beyond that. The way you eat is your choice and whether you are an ethical vegan, you have religious dietary restrictions, allergies, you are on a tight budget, or are simply a picky eater, we will always work with what YOU are comfortable with. We are trained in working with children, seniors, sports nutrition, plant-based nutrition, and so much more. The main goal is not to have everyone eat one particular way, but to find a way of life that helps you feel your best.

Will I have to take a bunch of expensive supplements?

Depends. My approach is reliant on a nutrient-rich diet, but in the case of a nutrient deficiency, supplementation may be required to help the body return to a balanced state. Food today is not the same as it was even 20 years ago. As our soils become more and more depleted, the mineral content of conventionally grown food continues to decrease year after year. A focus on sterility has eradicated a majority of the healthy bacteria in our bodies as well. I will always differentiate which supplements would be good to include, versus which ones may be necessary.

What is the difference between a holistic nutritionist and a dietician?

Holistic health is the counterpart to allopathic health. Where a western trained professional may answer questions like "what is good for (insert ailment here)", a holistic practitioner would likely respond something more like, "let's find out WHY you have this ailment first and foremost." The term dietician is reserved for people who are registered dieticians.