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If I could just sit at my desk with incense, coffee, my growing rock collection, and all my little plant babies every day I’d be okay with that. Sssoooooooo I was watching Ugly Delicious on Netflix this week and blacked out and ordered cookbooks on Amazon so I’m pretty fired up about “How to Cook [...]

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Root Vegetable Salad Thumbnail

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere” – Vincent van Gogh I always notice that quote on my tea bag when I’m drinking Traditional Medicinals. It stands out to me for how true it is. Every day when I’m driving home from work I have to try not to stare at the [...]

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Decorated Sweet Potato Thumbnail

I would have more to say if my fingernails weren’t burning from cutting jalapeños for my lunches this week. I bought the edible flowers from Reclaim Urban Farm, and the coconut bacon and cashew dill sour cream from Urban Pierogies. Even if you don’t live in Edmonton, you could probably source something similar from a [...]

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Spicy Salmon Cucumber Roll Thumbnail

It’s the one thing we’re allergic to, that’s always the most appealing. I’m so allergic to pineapples but because of that, it’s one of the very few items in the produce section I’ve never explored culinarily.  Every few years, I’ll order it in a smoothie or try it in a fruit salad just to find [...]

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Brussels Sprouts + Dill Sauce Thumbnail

Do you ever have those weeks where it actually feels like everything is going right? I have experienced so many synchronicities this week.  I was frustrated about technology and someone offered to show me how to use the program, I was frustrated with booking flights home and my friend taught me how to use air [...]

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Chicken & Hummus Salad Thumbnail

Daddy needed a little bit of a detox after last nights shenanigans at the Urban Pedal Tour.  Ps:  I am referring to myself as daddy from now on.  I already did in real life but it’s about time you guys call me by preferred name.  Daddy has had a long week and wanted to make [...]

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