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I would have more to say if my fingernails weren’t burning from cutting jalapeños for my lunches this week. I bought the edible flowers from Reclaim Urban Farm, and the coconut bacon and cashew dill sour cream from Urban Pierogies. Even if you don’t live in Edmonton, you could probably source something similar from a [...]

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Chicken + Avocado Pesto Thumbnail

I seriously told myself I would just enjoy a night off, no blogging. Nope. One of my favourite things about blogging is that all the grocery store staff know me. The one guy always laughs because I don’t use a basket, I just stack things up on my arms.  I feel like they know the [...]

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The main thing I wanna erase from people’s understanding of paleo, is that it’s a caveman diet.  If you’ve ever said a joke to someone along the lines of “Do you think cavemen ate paleo cookies?” then you should know, that person has probably heard it 70 thousand times, and is smiling to be polite. [...]

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Chicken + Zucchini Thumbnail

What It Is: Zucchini, thinly sliced using a mandolin and cut into circles using a food mould. I spread some truffle oil and sea salt over it and roasted it uncovered for 10 minutes. Spiralized carrots with garlic powder and salt.  Blanched for 30 seconds to make it soft. Free-range chicken thighs, roasted with cumin, [...]

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