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Fourth time’s a charm. I’ve been figuring this out for about a month now. I love carrot juice and didn’t know what to do with all of the juicer pulp so I had no choice but to learn how to bake. I also needed an afternoon snack that wasn’t boiled eggs.

Cooking has always been easy for me but baking is another story, which may have something to do with me being really bad at following instructions and just doing whatever feels right. Baking does not allow for this. I also wanted this to be fluffier but figuring out the baking soda/ACV ratio sounds like math and ewwww.

My pro baking career started at the tender age of 16, when I told my mom I wanted to bake cookies myself for the first time. She went to the store and picked up all the ingredients for me, which was amazing in itself because we were not very fortunate. I put the first batch in the oven and when I checked on it a few minutes later the cookies were pouring over the sides and the whole thing was flattened. I am probably the only moron in the world who mistook 2 cups of butter for 2 pounds. I cut it up anyway and then cried, and then put them on a plate with a little sign that said “Sorry”.

This wasn’t the only incident, but it sets the tone of how much work it actually took for me to make this soooo I hope you enjoy!

PRO TIP: You will get about 2 cups of pulp from juicing a 2lb bag of carrots.


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