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If I could just sit at my desk with incense, coffee, my growing rock collection and all my little plant babies every day I’d be okay with that.

Sssoooooooo I was watching Ugly Delicious on Netflix this week and blacked out and ordered cookbooks on Amazon so I’m pretty fired up about “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman. Anyone else believe Amazon Prime is the most dangerous thing to ever happen to them? One second, you’re thinking of a book you’d like to read – 24 hours later it’s at your door with LITERALLLYYY one click. Where my impulse shoppers at?

I impulse made this Asian-style stir fry using all-paleo ingredients. If there are any ingredients on the list you haven’t heard of or tried, they’re probably a pretty good addition to your paleo lifestyle so don’t skip em.

Let minnow what you think!

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