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I have a mushroom soup recipe on here already but that’s more of a fluffy light tasting soup for the summertime and this is more of a strong tasting and hearty soup for the winter.
I’ve been so busy for the last few months that I started to lose touch with myself and my interests so blocking time off especially for my hobbies has helped a lot lately. Something I’ve read a lot that is finally starting to stick is the expression “it’s okay to say no.” Where I generally feel guilt for not seeing friends for X amount of days or weeks, I’ve replaced that with “well, how many times have you seen yourself in X amount of days?”
In a perfect world, I would see everyone once a week but if your close friend circle is 10 people, and you’re a student, and you meal prep 2-3 times a week and you do yoga and so on… that leaves you with ~4 times a year each? Roughly? So I made soup. And it was a reaaaal good time.
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    Snuffy, February 24, 2019

    This does sound more hearty, I’m going to have to try it. And good luck with the “it’s okay to say no”. That can be a tough one… 🙂